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Do Root Canals Cause Health Problems in Clearwater Area

Do Root Canals Cause Health Problems? Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry Sets the Record Straight

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Dr. Beata A. Carlson and associates believe in the mouth-body connection at Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry. We understand that the materials and procedures used in your mouth can significantly impact your overall well-being. Our philosophy is that dentistry should be conservative, safe, and natural. It beats logic to resolve issues in your mouth only to create more problems in your body. We only use dental treatments that are safe for your mouth and body.

Speaking of safety, we encounter many questions from our patients about root canal safety. We do not provide root canal treatment as we believe it causes more harm than benefit to the body. Keep reading to find out why you should consider alternative treatments for root canals. 

Your treated tooth becomes a focal point for harmful bacteria.

A root canal involves removing your pulp’s blood vessels and nerves. So, you are left with a dead tooth cut off from the rest of the body. Your tooth no longer receives blood and nutrition, so it can’t access the healing components of your body to heal infections in and around it. 

A root canal leaves behind a “dead tooth” in a live body. The treated tooth becomes a breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria that can survive without oxygen. Over time, the infection inside your tooth drains into the surrounding tissues and can leak into the bloodstream, causing systematic diseases. 

Disrupted energy flow

Your teeth are energetically connected to other organs in your body. So, when your teeth are infected or diseased, this may inhibit energy flow along the meridians that act as “energy pathways” in the body. 

Once the flow of energy is affected in one area, it can cause problems in another area, starting a destructive process in the body. Disrupted energy flows can cause emotional side effects like anger and depression and systematic diseases like cancer and gut problems.

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Compromised tooth structure

Since root canals altogether remove your pulp chamber, your tooth won’t be as strong as it once was. 

Learn more about the effects of root canals in Clearwater, Florida.

Our dentistry emphasizes the importance of maintaining oral hygiene and regular bi-annual dental visits as a preventive measure to minimize the need for root canals. If your dentist has recommended a root canal and you want a second opinion, contact Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry at 727-888-6523. We will be happy to assist you. Our team will provide comprehensive information about the side effects of root canal treatment and discuss potential alternative therapies to optimize your health.

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