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 There are a variety of factors that contribute to gum disease, but bacterial overgrowth is at its core. A variety of antibacterial mouthwashes, oral medications, and other treatments are available to attempt to eradicate the infectious bacteria, but few of these treatments are very effective. That’s why we offer the revolutionary Perio Protect system at Natural & Cosmetic Dentistry to our Clearwater, FL area patients. This gum disease treatment eliminates the infection and helps maintain your healthy smile.

Why treating gum disease is important

“Gingivitis” and “periodontitis” are terms you have likely heard before – in fact, over half of American adults have some form of gum disease. It can be easy to dismiss as unimportant, but gum disease treatment is essential for not just your oral health, but also your overall health and wellbeing. Aside from causing issues such as loose teeth, costly dental bills, and even tooth loss, there are well-studied links between periodontal disease and heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and other deadly systemic issues. This is because the bacteria associated with gum disease cause chronic inflammation in your gums, which enables the bacteria to easily travel through your bloodstream to the rest of your body. Gum disease bacteria have been implicated in forming blood clots, which can also elevate your risk of issues such as heart attacks.

 How Perio Protect works

The Perio Protect system is a truly groundbreaking gum disease treatment. Using innovative Perio Protect Trays™—a clear, custom-fitted gum tray—you can treat your gum disease in the comfort of your home, during your work commute, or even in the shower! These patented trays deliver antibacterial medication deep beneath the gum line, where it stays for long enough to fight the tough bacterial infection causing your gum disease. Perio Protect is:

  • Convenient
  • Comfortable
  • Minimally invasive

 …and most importantly, helps restore your gums, smile, and overall body to health!

If you notice “pink in the sink” when you brush, your gums are swollen or red, you are battling chronic bad breath, or you have other signs of gum disease, don’t delay in seeking the evaluation and treatment from a qualified dentist, such as our team at Natural & Cosmetic Dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us by calling our Clearwater, FL office today at 727-888-6523.

Success Stories

Beth R.

Beth R.

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Got my retainers on this visit!!! YAY!!! Love the finished product of my Invisilign treatment! And my new bridge looks wonderful and so natural! Love this place! Dr. Amber is delightful as well as all the staff!!

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