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Biomimetic dentistry is a new breed of technology for innovative dental treatment. Biomimetic means “life-like copy,” which is the broad, underlying theory of this technology. Backed by credible research, it has the potential to greatly improve quality of care for dental patients. 

In Biomimetic treatments, teeth are reconstructed using materials with many of the same characteristics as the dentin and enamel of natural teeth. By simulating natural tooth structure, Biomimetic treatments protect and strengthen the undamaged areas of the tooth for a sustainable alternative to traditional dentistry. 

There are six key goals of biomimetic dentistry:

  • Conserve dental pulp
  • Repair or eliminate cracks
  • Remove pathology
  • Preserve the tooth structure
  • Reinforce the tooth structure
  • Delay retreatment

Why Choose Biomimetic Dentistry Over Traditional Treatments?

The main reason behind the adoption of biomimetic dentistry is sustainability. Fillings, crowns, and root canals all have to be redone eventually, costing you additional money and time. Plus, with each successive treatment, the original tooth becomes more and more damaged. Fillings can shrink or expand, causing tooth decay or cracks that can lead to increasingly severe oral conditions. Fillings and crowns can also lead to complications that damage nerves in the teeth, which will require additional medical attention. Considering that traditional dental treatments are pricey to begin with, the money you’ll spend on maintaining fillings, crowns, and root canals will be astonishing. 

Biomimetic dentistry focuses on strengthening and protecting the healthy section of the tooth to prevent further complications. The result is a long-lasting solution to damage and decay with minimal maintenance. 

Advanced Adhesion:

Biomimetic dentistry uses advanced adhesion to restore tooth strength. Instead of removing parts of the tooth that are in good condition, this method only removes damaged and decayed parts of the tooth. Usually, red or green dye is used to precisely pinpoint the damage or decay. Lasers are often used to remove the damaged tooth sections with complete accuracy.

With advanced adhesion, the tooth is sealed using strong, protective bond materials. The seal keeps bacteria out and restores the natural protective ridges in the teeth. This results in less tooth sensitivity, as well as a natural-looking tooth. The tooth will also be as elastic and fracture-resistant as a regular tooth. 

What are the Benefits of Biomimetic Treatments?

  • Biomimetic treatment isn’t cyclical like fillings, crowns, and root canals. It’s a one-time treatment that’s maintained like regular teeth for a long-lasting solution to dental problems. 
  • Biomimetic dentistry is natural and noninvasive. It makes minimal use of drilling and doesn’t use materials that could harm your oral health in the long term. 
  • The result of biomimetic treatment is a durable, healthy tooth. If the outer layer of the seal breaks, the inner layers will stay intact, and the nerve will be protected.
  • Biomimetic treatment is less painful than traditional procedures. In the case of some patients, it’s pain-free.

The dentistry field has drastically improved with the introduction of biomimetic treatments. With enhanced sustainability, less pain, and a natural-looking result, biomimetic dentistry will make all the difference for our patients. 

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Beth R.

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