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If you are missing one or more teeth, you are not alone. Tooth loss can affect anyone and can result from a variety of causes such as a traumatic injury to the mouth, tooth decay, gum disease, dental extractions, or other issues. The great news is that modern dental advances allow our dental team at Natural & Cosmetic Dentistry in Clearwater, FL to replace missing teeth with greater functionality and a more natural appearance than ever before. Zirconium Dental Implants Restoration replace missing teeth safely and effectively so you can get back to eating what you love and flashing your beautiful smile.
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What are Dental Implants Restoration?

A natural tooth has two main components: the crown, which is the portion you see above the gumline, and the root, which is what anchors your tooth firmly in place in your jawbone. A dental implant is a small screw that is surgically placed in your jaw, where it replaces the root of your missing tooth so that your new tooth has nearly the same functionality and stability as your natural tooth would. This happens because the zirconium implant and your jawbone undergo a transformative process called osseointegration where they fuse together to form an incredibly sturdy, durable foundation for your replacement tooth.

Dental Implants Restoration have many benefits:

  • Unparalleled functionality – after it heals, you can eat whatever you want without restrictions and do not need to worry about your restoration slipping or falling out of your mouth
  • Longevity – with good oral hygiene, Dental Implants Restoration can last a lifetime
  • Better oral health – Dental Implants Restoration stimulate your jawbone to keep it healthy, rather than deteriorating over time as it can with other types of dental restorations; in addition, they are easy to care for and no healthy tooth structure in your surrounding teeth needs to be altered to support the implant

Two types of implants are generally available: titanium or zirconium. Both function similarly, but as a holistic dental practice, our dentists recommend zirconium implants because zirconium is a non-metal, tooth-colored, biocompatible material.

Placing Dental Implants Restoration

First, a local periodontist will surgically place the dental implant in a strategic location in your jaw. After that has healed, an abutment is placed on the implant, which is a small connecting piece that is used to connect your new tooth to the implant. Then, our team at Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry restores the tooth with a beautiful, natural-looking crown made of biocompatible zirconium.

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Beth R.

Beth R.

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Got my retainers on this visit!!! YAY!!! Love the finished product of my Invisilign treatment! And my new bridge looks wonderful and so natural! Love this place! Dr. Amber is delightful as well as all the staff!!

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