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Are Root Canals Dangerous?

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The term root canal evokes fear and anxiety in many people, and for good reason! Despite the intention of a root canal to preserve your natural tooth by removing all pulp and infected material, the root canal procedure has a much darker side. The truth is that root canals pose significant dangers not just to your oral health, but to your overall wellness as well.

Root Canal Basics

A root canal is a procedure that drills into the tooth and removes the nerve and dental decay. In theory, this process stops the pain caused by a diseased tooth, sterilizes the infected area to remove all dangerous bacteria, and seals the tooth to allow it to remain in the mouth. Millions of root canals are completed each year for patients who incorrectly believe they are effectively preserving their oral health.

What Makes a Root Canal So Dangerous? Hidden Bacteria

Dentists who advocate in favor of root canals claim that bacteria on the teeth and gums can be fully eradicated during the root canal sanitation process, but research proves that a great deal of bacteria remains hidden from or out of reach of the sanitation agents used. As a result, up to 50 percent of bacteria might still remain after a root canal is completed.

Much of this bacteria is able to thrive inside of the oxygen-free environment of the sealed tooth after a root canal. It supports the development of toxins that easily leak into surrounding tissue and essentially poison the body. In this way, root-canaled teeth can be viewed as incubators for highly toxic anaerobic bacteria. Since this bacteria might take years or even decades to work through the bloodstream and trigger further health issues, the true cause is rarely identified.

Potential Dangers Increase When the Immune System Is Threatened

A strong immune system can work efficiently to capture and destroy the majority of bacteria that forms from an infected or root-canaled tooth, but an unexpected accident or illness can quickly weaken the immune system and give all of that bacteria the opportunity to cause disease. Heart disease, kidney disease, arthritis, neurological diseases like MS, and autoimmune diseases like Lupus have all been linked to the bacteria that forms after a root canal. Many experts even suggest that there is a relationship between root canals and breast cancer.

Though you may want to preserve your natural teeth using a root canal, it is not worth risking your health to do so. If your tooth is severely diseased and infected, contact a holistic dentist like Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry in Clearwater, Florida to explore the other options available like extraction followed by an implant, bridge, or partial denture. These other solutions allow you to maintain the function and appearance of a full smile without sacrificing your health in the process. Call Natural and Cosmetic Dentistry at 727-888-6523 to make your appointment today.

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